Kickstarter related plotline

So, maybe some of you've heard about our Kickstarter Campaign for the sequel... AND YES, WE SMASHED OUR GOAL!!! We will be always grateful to our incredible fandom. Thank you all!

Our Kickstarter campaign wasn't only about collecting money, but also collecting love... so, we received tons of love and we hit some of our Social Stretch Goals. Yay! As we promised on those Stretch Goals, we've come up with a special Kickstarter-related plotline: THE STARKICKER UPDATE.

So if you want to join Miranda and Scott on their journey on Startkicker, you may want to invest in some lemons. You never know...

Temporary summer outfits are back!

Summer is here again. And many good things come with this season: ice cream, vacations, and the Monster Prom Summer Outfits Update. So for those who felt nostalgic, here you have your favorite monsters dressed as hot as hell.

Summer outfits for DLC

And we also have new outfits to quench your thirst! For those of you who have the DLC, you get to enjoy some of our newer characters with a little more flesh showing... ;)