We've included many new "couple polaroids"! These are the ones you get when finishing a run successfully, and they depict your playable character in a situation with one of the love interests. We used to have 4 of these. Now... now we have 25!



We've implemented an emote system! Sometimes you don't have a mic to talk to your friends when playing online mode. So we thought it could be funny to have an emote system to still be able of communicating with them. Each player gets 4 emotes for different situations. Use them wisely (or just spam them, whatever).

Temporary DLC Events

For a limited time we're enabling a handful of cafeteria events from the DLC in the base game. We can get a sneak peek of some of the new minor NPCs! We're doing this BECAUSE WE WANT YOU TO BUY THE DLC, GODAMMIT.