This plotline it's super special for us. Anything we tell about could be spoiler. But we are very proud of it, and we can say it's wonderful and beautiful. Also it may contain SUPER REALLY COOL AND SPECIAL ART from our beloved @Viperfish.

Everybody now gets access to Modtool

The modtool for Monster Prom is already done! And everybody that has bought the game can use this new amazing tool.

Don't forget to check the Mods we've made for you:

THE FLASK FELLOWSHIP: Written by @quinntessent1al edited by @btflglitch and @fluque34 and with awesome art by @SeharJH

TICKETS TO HEAVEN: Written by @quinntessent1al edited by @btflglitch & @fluque34 and with awesome art by @lokkilokkii

We encourage you to take a look, and do your own stories. Also check other users Mods, there's so much talent out there.

  • Modtool
  • Modtool

Awesome Winter Outfits

We can't launch an update without new outfits... and our new students were lacking in costumes. So here you have: NEW OUTFITS!