"That was Esmerelda, my one true love. If only I'd been better to her... But I fell in love with the bottle instead... Forgive me, I should introduce myself," sighs the spirit. "My name is Winston Montgomery, and this is my story..."

Are you ready to solve the incredible and misterious plotline of Winston Montgomery?

DLC owners get access to the Modtool

We are finishing the public version of The Modtool for Monster Prom. But, if you own the DLC you can now try the beta version and make your own Events, Characters, Items, Plotlines!

For celebrate this we made our own Mods too!

THE FLASK FELLOWSHIP: Written by @quinntessent1al edited by @btflglitch and @fluque34 and with awesome art by @SeharJH

TICKETS TO HEAVEN: Written by @quinntessent1al edited by @btflglitch & @fluque34 and with awesome art by @lokkilokkii

We encourage you to take a look, and do your own stories. Also check other users Mods, there's so much talent out there.

  • Modtool
  • Modtool

Awesome Halloween Outfits

We can't launch an update without new outfits... and our new students were lacking in costumes. So here you have: NEW OUTFITS!