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There are only 3 weeks left until monster prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to raise your stats and seduce one of your classmates. Beautiful art, witty dialogues and hard choices are the main ingredients of this competitive/cooperative (1-4 players) dating sim. Do you know how to conquer a monster’s heart? ;D


“Monster Prom” is a game meant to be played from 1 to 4 players (but trust us: the more, the merrier!) that mixes “choose-your-own-adventure” stuff with dating sims’ mechanics. You are a student at a monster highschool. Being a monster can be hard, but getting a date for the monster prom is even harder!


You will have a limited number of turns to explore a school full of weird and amazing events that will let you meet 6 of your classmates. Each event (full of beautiful art and funny dialogues) will lead you to an absurd bifurcation where you will have to make a choice. Each event will let you raise or lose your stats and improve or mess with your relationship with your classmates. Choose wisely! Are you charming enough to go with a certain answer? Are you bold enough to follow a specific choice? Each option can be a potential success or failure. Try to do your best at each situation and enjoy the ride… but don’t forget that, in the end, prom night will arrive and you will have to go all in… but with whom? It surely can be the night of your life… but that will depend on you.


Monster Prom started from an array of inspirations. The most important one is the game The Yawhg, which opened our minds to many possibilities, mechanic-wise. Then, we developed ideas until we got what would be the first draft of Monster Prom. The project appeared to us as something relatively easy, fit for a first project of our own. Elías and I (Julián) met as coworkers at an indie studio. I managed a project called INDIE G ZINE, which basically was a celebration of indie games in the form of a collaboration artbook. This project let me know lots of talented artists... and one of these artists was Arthur Tien (Monster Prom's current artist). The Indie G Zine also let me get a better understanding of the indie scene. Then we decided to go with a Kickstarter. And here we are.


  • Competitive dating sim: You feel like fighting for love? Just do your best all of you for seducing the same NPC and let's see who is the ultimate Casanova.
  • LOTS of funny situations: +300 events, each one with 4 possible outcomes, which adds up to +1000 specific situations. Every time you play you will discover new layers to this crazy game.
  • 6 Love interests larger than life: Meet and interact with your 6 classmates, beautifully drawn by Arthur Tien and with funny personalities that are developed through hundreds of dialogues written by Julián Quijano and Cory O’Brien
  • Choices that matter: your choices affect future situations and they can let you unlock new endings. There are a lot of different endings and several secret ones.
  • A shop full of secrets: earn all kinds of achievements to unlock new items in the shop, which can help you in your highschool adventures or even unlock new and absurd events. A penguin mask, a spork, a slave, an erotic fanfic about dragons…
  • Monster Fashion: Each monster has different outfits to show. We wanted a true and absurd slice of life game, so we wanted our characters to display different clothes according to their style.
  • Modern love: we wanted to reflect and parody how love, flirting, relationships, life and sex have change in the last years: selfies, dating apps, crowdfunding, dickpics, raves, emojis…
  • Post-modern humor: Monster Prom NEVER takes itself seriously. It’s fully aware of its own parodic nature and it’s able of laughing at itself. We just don’t care. So expect the game tackling controverted issues with no shame
  • Gender, sexual orientation & Monster prom: On Monster Prom the characters don't like boys or girls... they like people. Gender doesn't matter when it comes to the game experience. You're free to choose a male or a female character and romance a male or a female character.


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You can check Monster Prom's devlog on forums.tigsource.com.

About Beautiful Glitch

Beautiful Glitch is a videogames studio based in Barcelona. But our real HQ are the internetz. The mastermind behind the studio is Julián Quijano (production&design), but making games wouldn't be possible without the great talent of other individuals such as Elías Pereiras (programming), Arthur Tien (Art) and Cory O'Brien (Narrative). By combining the power rings of these 4 individuals, they can summon Earth's greatest power: A SEMI-FUNCTIONAL INDIE VIDEOGAME!

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Monster Prom Credits

Julián Quijano
Business & Creative direction

Elías Pereiras
Development & Programming

Arthur Tien

Cory O'Brien

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